Yoga Towels, do you really need one?

Have you ever glanced across to your neighbour in the yoga studio and there they are with a towel on their yoga mat, and you wonder, what do they use that for? Well, it’s a common question that I’ve been asked many times. What do I need a yoga towel for? Do I really need one or is it just an unnecessary addition to my yoga wardrobe?

Well, my answer to that question is, yes you do need a yoga towel for your yoga mat and here are some important reasons why.

Did you know that yoga mats are seriously dirty? They are a breeding ground for a multitude of bugs and bacteria. All that sweat, shedding of skin, dead skin cells and the hot temperatures in studios are literally a Petri dish of bugs. In addition to yoga mats being a hotbed of bacteria, most people share mats and even if you use your own mat you could be re-infecting yourself with a virus you just recovered from.

Still don’t believe me? Well here’s the science. According to a New York Times article featuring Dr. Grey E. Cohen a podiatrist, there has been an increase in warts and athlete’s foot as yoga has become more popular. Check out the link here.

Another doctor, Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine, who has a PhD in Microbiology says, “Yoga mats are the worst”.  According to Dr. Lahita, “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections. The yoga mat is a very fertile source for infection, mainly because people sweat on them and they rarely are cleaned.” Yikes!

In addition to warts and athlete’s foot, yoga mats can also have ringworm, or even more serious infections such as staph or MRSA according to this recent Elle magazine article.

A yoga towel protects you from these and many other germs and infections that you can get from using a mat in a studio or on a retreat. Using a towel prevents you picking up those nasty bugs and acts as a protective layer between the mat and your skin.

Have you ever rushed off to your yoga class only forgetting to bring your own mat?  I know I have, more times than I can remember!  When you have a towel that can fit into your bag easily, you no longer have to worry about forgetting your mat as your towel can be placed over a communal mat and you can relax into your practice knowing you’re safe.

Yoga towels are portable, have you ever tried to take your mat during rush hour on the bus or train?  There’s not enough room for you let alone your mat too. Having a towel means you don’t have this problem. A towel is light and tucks away neatly into your bag helping you avoid bumping into other busy commuters on public transport.

Yoga towels are super absorbent way more absorbent than a normal towel, so they are perfect for Bikram and hot yoga, ashtanga yoga or any flow or vinyasa type yoga as they soak up your sweat and yet remain dry at the same time. You can lose gallons of water in a hot or Bikram yoga class, but our yoga mat towels will keep you dry all the time.

Yoga towels are anti-slip and don’t bunch up, so you don’t move around on your mat while you’re in downward dog or other positions especially whilst doing more vigorous styles of yoga like hot yoga, or ashtanga yoga that so many of us love. You can feel safe in your balancing postures and know that your hands and feet will not move while you work up a sweat, unlike in other yoga classes when your hands start slipping away from your high-intensity ashtanga yoga practice.

Do you sometimes lack the motivation to get on your yoga mat? Well, each of Bunnies & Zen’s yoga towels have their own unique designs with an inspirational message to help you get down to your yoga practice. Choose from an array of different colours, designs and inscriptions. Look fashion forward and be cool at the same time while still getting your shavasana on.

Maybe you want all the benefits of a yoga towel whilst at the same time still having one item, which is your mat. They have special combo yoga mats that provide all the benefits you would get with a towel but with the added support and cushioning you would get from a mat. This really is the best of both worlds as they are the best yoga mats you can buy, combining the benefits of a traditional yoga mat with the added benefits of a yoga towel.

The combo yoga mat has an absorbent microfiber topper with a natural rubber base, preventing any bunching and doubling up as a yoga mat and towel. They really are the perfect accompaniment to your yoga practice. The combo yoga mats have a calming design with the yin yang symbol against a cool blue background helping to bring you peace, joy and harmony into your day.

Better still the combo mats are machine washable so they still stay really clean, just wash them gently and hang to dry. They are eco friendly, as they are biodegradable and free from any toxic glue, silicone and phthalates. They are especially designed to grip better with sweat and are super absorbent, and they come with a free carry strap making them easy to move around.

The coolest thing about the yoga towels and yoga mats are that they have sweat-activated grip. If you don’t sweat that much or do a gentler class, you can dampen your towel with a spritz of water to experience their anti-slip benefits.

As you can see from the evidence having a yoga towel or a combo yoga mat are the best options for you to stay healthy and fit whilst still enjoying your yoga practice. Their combo yoga mats are the best yoga mats you can buy with the added benefits of being a mat and towel as well as being machine washable.

Their yoga towels are more suitable for you if you want something portable as they can be used over any yoga mat.

Be safe this summer and invest in the best yoga mat or towel you can buy, your body will thank you for it in the end.


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