Lunge With Backbend




• Begin in Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge), with your left knee over your left ankle, and your right knee on the floor. Be sure that the un-tucked toes on the right foot are pointing straight back.

• Inhale and raise the arms out and then upward, reaching the fingers toward the ceiling. Broaden your chest and lengthen your tailbone down toward the ground.

• Gradually shift your weight to the right leg, and slide your left leg straight out in front of you. Keep the toes of your left foot on the floor. Engage your quadriceps and inner thighs for stabilisation.

• Begin to lean your head and shoulders back as far as you can. Remember to find the arch in your upper back as well as the lower back. Keep your hips pushing forward and your torso lifting up and back.

• Hold for three to five breaths.

• To release, slowly bring your hands to your hips, inhale and lift the head and torso.

Repeat on the other side for equal length of time. Rest in Child’s Pose for a few breaths.

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