This is a deliciously simple and highly effective pose. If I feel any funny sensations in my belly I go into this pose and gently rock from side to side and feel them ease. Feel free to play in this pose, rocking and rolling from side to side and backwards and forwards.
How to Perform

• On your back, draw your knees into your heart hugging your shins. If possible clasp each elbow with the opposite hand.
• Tuck your chin in against your sternum. Feel your neck and tailbone lengthening on the floor away from each other.
• See how much of your spine you can connect with the ground.
• Maintain slow deep breaths feeling your beautiful stomach rising and falling alongside your thighs with the breath.


• ‘Apana’ is the body’s elimination and purification energy, which helps the body to efficiently reduce and expel waste, toxins, and tension.
• Balances digestion and bowel moments.
• Helps in creation of a limber lower back.
• The body is compact in this pose so energy can draw inwards which can be a great rebalance and rest.
• A great pose for those with IBS or menstrual cramps.


• Abdominal surgery or hernia.
• Possible spinal, knee, or hip injuries.
• Avoid if pregnant after the 1st trimester.


With any neck discomfort, place a blanket under your head and soften your shoulders and neck.