Horse Stance

Beginners - Horse


• Come to wide legged stance with the legs so that the heels are a little wider than your hips.
• Turn your toes out and start to bend the knees so they track over the toes. Taking care to lengthen the tailbone so the pelvis is neutral. Find a 3-pointed triangle on each foot – big and little toe joints and centre of heel and press equally through those points to lift inner arches of the feet.
• Elongate the sides of the waist and avoid leaning forwards with the torso.
• Lengthen from the tailbone to the crown of head.
• Arms gently placed palms down over thighs and hold for 12-14 breaths.


• Strengthening Legs.
• Grounding and rooting through the feet.
• Focus and concentration with Jhana Mudra and fixed dristi.
• Calming for the


• Choosing to bring your hands into Jhana Mudra – thumb and first finger touch to make a circle and other three fingers stretched out. Place back of palms against the thighs. This is great for focus and concentration in the pose, creating a clear inner dristi.
• Practise with your back against a wall to build the endurance through the legs to support the pose.