Fallen Angel Pose


• On a inhalation come into Chair Pose and on a exhalation come down into your Seated Chair Twist with your hands flowing down to the ground on to your right side shoulder width apart.

• From Seated Chair Twist, lift your heels and bend into your knees deeply shifting onto your big toe mounds while squeezing the muscles on the inner thighs together.

• Be creative, take your elbows and use them as a shelf. Your right elbow comfortably placed into your right hip and the right knee on top of your left elbow.

• Lift into your Side Crow Pose; as your focal point is a couple of inches in front of you then turn your head slightly towards the left. Gently your feet lift off the floor as you hug your legs tightly together with your feet flexed.

• On your next exhale, slowly lower down onto your right side with your cheek lightly touching the floor as your right shoulder follows.

• On your next inhalation, take your left leg up straight towards the ceiling as your right knee presses onto your left elbow still bent bringing your right foot near your left knee. Your toes are pointed.

• Take a couple of breaths and smile!

• To exit, come down the way you came in. Engage your core and pull in the knees towards your chest and lift your head off the floor onto your feet.

• Repeat on the other side.


• It cultivates discipline, body awareness and calming of the mind.

• It creates a deep twist that massages your internal organs and strengthens arms and shoulders simultaneously.


• Women who are menstruating should avoid this pose due to the pelvis and feet that are positioned above the heart. This causes the menstrual period to be disrupted or even stopped.

• If you have any shoulder injuries please refrain from this pose.

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