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Most of us lead busy lives. We spend our time running from one thing to the next, rarely pausing to consider, “Why am I doing what I am doing? What will truly satisfy me? What is the purpose of my life?”.

The good news is that the answers to these questions can be found in the ancient science of yoga and that to attain such wisdom you don’t need to follow one of the more difficult yoga paths. You don’t need to master the yoga processes such as asana, pranayama, and life-air cultivation, or to live a life of seclusion in the forest, or as a monk in a monastery. All you need to do is open your heart and mind and receive yoga wisdom.

The foundation of yoga wisdom lies in uncovering the answer to the question, “Who am I?”. After all, how you identify yourself affects the most crucial aspects of your life: where you believe happiness can be found, how you set your goals in life, how you define success, and so on. Once you understand your true essence, you can know what will truly satisfy you and which path in life you need to take.

Who am I?

Most people identify with their body or their mind. It is explained in the yoga scriptures that we are not actually our material bodies or minds, but rather we are the eternal being, or atma, temporarily residing in the material body.

“The atma is part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, just as a shining ray molecular particle of sunshine is part and parcel of the sun itself.”

~Ancient yoga scripture

Just as the sun is the source of all sunshine, so the Supreme Soul is the source of all energy, including all atmas. The Supreme Soul is also described as being full of wisdom and bliss—the essence of which is spiritual love. Just as a sunray shares the same qualities as the sun, you, the spark of the Supreme Soul, share the same qualities of wisdom and spiritual love, just in a much smaller quantity.

We need spiritual food

If we can appreciate that our essence is not material, but spiritual, then we’ll understand that just as our bodies require material food, we (the spiritual living being) require spiritual food. Without spiritual food, we may experience a deep emptiness inside.

We may try to fill up our emptiness in various ways, like traveling, shopping, eating, keeping busy, and so on. But the reality is that no matter what we do in life, we won’t feel completely satisfied without spiritual food.

So what is spiritual food? What is it that can satisfy this longing in my heart? According to the yoga scriptures and enlightened yoga spiritual masters, in order for us to experience inner peace, freedom from fear and anxiety, and deep and lasting happiness, we need to cultivate perfect wisdom and pure love.

So where will we find such wisdom and perfect love? 

Please consider the following analogy: Countless beautiful diamonds lie deep within the earth, covered by layers of dirt and rock. These diamonds exist in darkness—but they are still diamonds. It is only because these diamonds are covered up that their intrinsic beauty and value go unrealized.

Similarly, spiritual love and wisdom already inherently exist within our hearts. But just as the diamonds are covered up with rocks and dirt, our wisdom and spiritual love are covered up by layers of contamination, such as envy, greed, and anger. Therefore, these contaminations need to be washed away.

Great sages and the yoga texts recommend the regular practice of Yoga Sound Meditation as the best method to achieve purification. This Yoga sound is not ordinary sound vibration. Yoga Sound is all-pure and all-purifying. Ancient yoga scripture describes:

There is no difference between the Yoga Sound and the Supreme Soul. As such, the Yoga Sound is as perfect as the Supreme Soul in fullness, purity, and eternity. The Yoga Sound is not a material sound vibration—it is without any material contamination.

As you practice Yoga Sound Meditation, the cleansing process takes place, and your intrinsic qualities of wisdom and spiritual love begin to shine ever more brightly.

Yoga Sound Meditation—the easiest and most effective meditation

If you’re hesitant to try meditation because you’re not sure if you can do it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy, enjoyable, and effective Yoga Sound Meditation is. It has been practiced since the most ancient of times, and it is so easy that anyone and everyone can practice it, regardless of age, health, intellect, occupation, or situation in life. Just as we can all enjoy a beautiful sunset, similarly we can all practice and reap the wonderful fruits of Yoga Sound Meditation.

You can practice Yoga Sound Meditation in whatever way is most comfortable for you—while relaxing in an easy chair, sitting, or lying down. There is no need to sit in any particular position or for long periods of time. You can even meditate while standing, walking, or swaying to the rhythm of Yoga Sound.

At the heart of Yoga Sound Meditation is the all-purifying, spiritually potent Yoga Sound. Unlike ordinary sounds that become dull over time, Yoga Sound becomes more and more attractive, and we are naturally drawn to it. So, there is no need to rely on our limited powers of concentration to experience the benefits of meditation.

The more you practice Yoga Sound Meditation, the more you’ll experience the wonderful reality of your true identity and enjoy the bounty of treasures such realization brings. You will experience purposefulness in your life and you will be successful in finding lasting happiness.

Wishing You Well

Wai Lana

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