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Ever wondered what yoga is all about? Is it only a physical, mental and spiritual practice that feeds your heart, body and soul? We are not here today to answer these questions since we believe it is far more than this and it all goes down to how and where you experience it. You, reading this, might be a yoga junkie or someone who is thinking of yoga as a sweet escape from life’s fast-paced daily routines, tiredness, burdens and problems looking for a new adventure to go on.

Bodhi Tree waterviewThe beautiful Costa Rica has been one of the world’s top 10 yoga destinations throughout the past years. We have chosen Nosara, which in accordance to Lonely Planet is “a cocktail of international surf culture, stunning back-road topography, jungled microclimates, moneyed expat mayhem and yoga bliss.”, as the location for our Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. We are 0.5 km away from the Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at Sibu, 3.2 km from Nosara Adventure Tours, as well as we are 4.6 km away from a safari surf school. Our resort offers you a lot more than scheduled yoga classes given by experts, it is the place where you can celebrate nature like you never did before, the place where you can read, meditate and simply relax.

For your stay at Bodhi Tree we have designed rooms and facilities; from 26 Bali style rooms, Spa, Juice Bar to an open space restaurant offering you a variety of healthy, organic and fresh food, that meet all your needs and making it our job that you worry about nothing but embracing the beautiful surrounding.

All of our Executive Private, Double Deluxe, Private and Double rooms are air conditioned, grant you Wi-Fi acces, have an open shower and include a safe for your valuable belongings which you can enjoy with the 2 packages we offer you whether it is the ‘Room Only Package’ or the ‘Full Package’ where you can enjoy 3 delicious meals and a daily yoga class.

Bodhi Tree is looking forward to have you, so make sure you pin us on the map for your next getaway.