Angela Sykes

I am the founder and director of Yoga Kula Leeds – a dedicated studio in the heart of the vibrant community of Chapel Allerton. Yoga Kula offers a wide range of classes, innovative workshops, invigorating courses and worldwide retreats. My hope, as I continue to grow Yoga Kula, is that it generates a positive ripple effect and provides a tonic for busy, modern lives.
I moved to Japan in her early 20s in search of a more balanced life. I studied Karate and felt I needed something more relaxing to support her quest for balance long term. My Karate teacher taught yoga so she started to attend classes and enjoyed the feeling of calm whilst also working on strength and flexibility – not being covered in bruises was also a plus! I later moved to India to deepen her yoga practice and train to become a teacher.

Last year, I became a Senior Yoga Teacher after 10 years of teaching. To celebrate, I created an 18-month teacher-training programme to support and develop innovative, creative yoga teachers, and to inspire the growing yoga community in Yorkshire and the North of England. After spending five years living and studying in the east my teaching has a distinctly eastern feel. My classes range from dynamic to soothing, have a meditative tone and encourage acceptance for what is without striving or comparing. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and continue my development through yoga, vipassana, jung shim and martial arts.

My time living in Japan had a huge influence on my life – this is where my journey inward began. Yoga has given me a way to deeply inquire and continue with the right tools on a path towards self-understanding. Yoga Kula offers our students an opportunity to connect, self-enquire and simply be.

I am the proud ambassador for Sweaty Betty and wear their clothes to practise and teach.

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Photography by Vivienne Edge.


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