What’s Hot October

[gallery columns="4" ids="12776,12777,12778,12779"] Inspiral Air-Dried Crackits These delicious raw crackers are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients including ax and chia seeds and blended with vegetables and herbs. Unlike regular grain- based crackers, they are not baked, but

Inspiral Air-Dried


These delicious raw crackers are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients including ax and chia seeds and blended with vegetables and herbs. Unlike regular grain- based crackers, they are not baked, but gently air-dried to ensure the crackers remain their characteristic avour and texture. Yum!



Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs


Good healthy fats help burn calories, keep you full between meals, provide a pre-workout energy boost and help maintain body weight, so these fat bombs are perfect. The recipes are delicious, simple to fol- low and use easily available ingredients, making these tasty high fat snacks a good alternative to sugary treats that are ideal for a range of diets.

(Fair Winds Press) £12.99

James White Juice Zingers

Award winning Su olk-based makers of premium, natural non-alcoholic drinks, James White, has produced some real innovation ZINGERS – little drinks with big zing! Four variants inspired by strong natural favours – Organic Ginger, Xtra Ginger, Lime Chilli and Turmeric Juice. The Turmeric Juice Zinger is a deli- cious alternative to other turmeric products that are currently o ered on the market. James White press- es the turmeric juice rather than using turmeric ex- tract or powder producing a high quality re ned taste. Black pepper, lemon and a little chilli has been added to give the zing.

Turmeric and Organic Ginger Zingers £1.49. Available in Waitrose www.jameswhite.co.uk


Organic Coconut Vinegar With Mother Of Vinegar

The unique vinegar is made by fermenting organic coconut sap, its sole ingredient, to produce a tangy aromat- ic vinegar with a slightly sweet taste, that’s perfect for dressings, marinades and as a dipping vinegar. It also con- tains Mother of Vinegar – a combina- tion of ‘good’ bacteria and cellulose.

£4.99 www.thecoconutcompany.co


Nairn’s Gluten

Free Oat Muesli

Approved by Coeliac UK, this delicious muesli contains a blend of gluten free Scot- tish wholegrain oats, sultanas, sun ower seeds, axseed and cranberries. It’s incredibly ver- satile – either have it with milk, yoghurt and honey, or cook it like porridge for a hot and hearty breakfast.



Radical Beauty


Radical Beauty is a new age-concept to de ne real beauty discounting modern misperceptions, and focuses on six pil- lars of healthy living including internal/ external nourishment, beauty sleep and spiritual beauty. The book looks beyond mere physical beauty and encompasses the whole inner and outer being, and of- fers practical tips, innovative routines and recipes to help achieve optimum beauty, health and harmony.

(Rider Books) £16.99


Becoming Wise An Inquiry Into The Mystery And Art Of Living


This thought-provoking book investi- gates the case of what it means to be human. It coherently draws upon deep insights gathered during many of au- thor’s searching and soulful conversa- tions with a varied group of people. It echoes her compassionate wisdom and profound understanding of the human

mind and heart. Highly recommended. (Corsair Publishers) £16.99

How To Series


These excellent pocket-sized guides contain advice from the world-renowned Zen master on how to deal with stress and embrace mindfulness in everyday activities. The ‘How To’ series comprises of How to Relax, How to Love, How to Eat, How to Sit, and How to Walk. These books show how to achieve bene ts of relaxation, come closer to loved ones and connect to the world as a whole, practise meditative and mindful eating, adopt correct body posture and technique of breathing, and focus on mindful walking. The books enable you to be free of over- whelming stress, awaken clarity of mind, feel relaxed and cultivate focussed concentration and compassion.

(Rider Books) £3 each

The Coconut Company

Organic Amino Sauce

A succulent sauce, that tastes like a rich soy sauce with a slightly sweet, garlic aftertaste. It contains a range of amino acids, vitamins and minerals – but is free from soya, gluten, preservatives, additives and flavourings. It’s perfect as an Asian style seasoning to avour stir-fries, soups and sauces or as a marinade in fish, meat or vegetable dishes.



The His And Hers Guide To Pregnancy And Birth


This unique go-to-guide provides prac- tical advice and comforting reassurance to new couples and individuals who wish to experience parenthood. Bespoke sec- tions for ‘Her’ and for ‘Him’ and ‘Get To- gether’ sections help couples to support each other and their growing baby, and it’s packed with tips, techniques, lifestyle advice and much more.

(Vermilion) £12.99


Daisy’s Gift The Remarkable Cancer-Detecting Dog Who Saved My Life


This is a story of Daisy, who has an amazing gift to identify human disease by smelling odour. Claire Guest co- founded the charity Medical Detection Dogs (aka Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs) that trains dogs to detect cancer and blood sugar changes and assist af- fected people by alerting them to seek early intervention. A wonderful read. (Virgin Books) £12.99


222 Meditation Techniques


This book is for new and established practitioners inspiring them to pursue meditation and discover inner happiness, love, peace, truth and ful lment. Guided exercises and tech- niques make this exploration an on-going adventure. It shows how with meditation you can experience the beauty of a silent and restful mind, and recognise your innermost essence as a shining, all-pervading and transcendental reality.

(The Golden Shore Publishers) £13.99


Inner Me Supplements

These tailored packs of supplements are es- pecially created for health conscious people, who want a simple, yet trusted on-the-go pro- gramme designed to eliminate the guesswork and confusion about daily supplementation. Inner Me supplements are also supported by Inner Menus complete with healthy recipes and meal plans.

From £15 innerme.com


Every Breath You Take


A delightful book that o ers a fresh approach to mindfulness, as Rosie’s technique is based on the breath as Buddha taught it. Learning mindful breathing can help you to connect to your own inner strength, and achieve an in- ner sense of wellbeing, energy and joy.

(Watkins Publishing) £7.99


The Universe Has Your Back


This thought-provoking book helps transforming fear of life’s challenges into real faith so you can realise that true power resides within one’s self. Easy-to-follow tools help you discover inner strength, get clear direction when lost, feel safe in the face of uncer- tainty and nd joy in times of pain. The provided anecdotes also help you to overcome obstacles, stop chasing life and truly start living.

(Hay House) £10.99

taller-slimmer-younger-imageTaller, Slimmer Younger


In just 15 minutes a day, Roxburgh’s 21-day programme guides readers through a simple series of unique roll- ing techniques that target 10 primary areas of the body to release tension, break up scar tissue and get rid of tox- ins. The book is packed with 80 photo- graphs that cover all the exercises.

(Vermillion) £14.99