A Healthy Start To The Day

This tasty granola is the only cereal where the Glycaemic Load (GL) of a serving is measured, so you’re guaranteed a healthy, high-fiber breakfast that provides a slow release of energy. This helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels to keep you fuller for longer and stops the urge for a quick sugar fix. It’s made from selected gluten-free oats and has been approved by Coeliac UK.

£4.69. Available from, Asda and Sainsbury’s

Brilliant For Your Back

Brilliant For Your Back

This excellent app is based on the classes taught at the Centre de Yoga by an instructor with 28-years experience working with lower back conditions. It comprehensively covers everything to ensure your back is healthy and pain free, and includes focused breathing to lengthen the lumbar spine, abdominal strengthening, spinal flexion and extension, deep relaxation and more. Alongside the full class which runs at 66-minutes, there are a further six classes and 28 practice videos.

Lower Back Yoga by Centre de Yoga.

£3.99 from the iPhone app store

Time for a healthy brew

The new ranges of caffeine-free tees from Tetley are seriously tasty. The Super Fruits Immune provide 17% of vitamin C to support your immune system and are available in soothing Lemon & Ginger and uplifting Peach & Orange flavours. While the Super Fruits Boost, available in Blueberry & Raspberry and zesty Cranberry & Elderberry flavours, contains 26% of vitamin B to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Get the kettle on! £1.59


Immune Boosters

These handy little capsules are an immune-enhancing supplement that contains vitamin D3 and patented beta glucans called Wellmune®. Taking one a day will help keep your immune system fighting fit, reducing the length of cold and flu symptoms, providing relief from seasonal allergies, reducing fatigue and reducing immune suppression associated with strenuous exercise.

£17.95 available from Planet Organic, The Nutricentre and health food stores


Aesthetic Aromas

This is a stunning ultrasonic aroma diffuser made from sustainable bamboo and a crafted ceramic top to make it look like a calming droplet of water. With timed settings, it’s ideal for aromatherapy sessions and meditation practice, or just to relax and unwind to your favourite fragrances. The light can also be used independently from the diffuser, making it a decorative lamp that would give any room a touch of style.



Naturally Safe

A revolutionary healthcare spray that should be an essential item for every household. It contains hypochlorous acid, that’s produced by the body’s white blood cells and aids the immune system to fight infections and promote wound healing. NatraSan has a multitude of uses including wound disinfection and healing, minor burns and athlete’s foot, and it’s that safe it can even be used on babies. NatraSan is also pH neutral, non-irritating and free from alcohol, preservatives and fragrances.



At only 50 calories per serving, these are some of the healthiest and tastiest drinks we’ve tried. Made from spring water and 100% natural ingredients, they’re available in three delicious flavours – Blueberry and Lemon, Apple and Ginger and Lemon and Green tea – all infused with the sweet taste of honey, that helps boost the immune system and provide a slow release of energy. Refreshingly unique!

£1.99 Available from Selfridges and health stores

Power Up Your Life

Power Up Your Life

The My PowerBar app helps us think about our wellbeing through our energy levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). Simply enter how you feel into one of the respective ‘PowerBars’, and if one is down, this handy app will provide a wealth of ideas and choices to raise your energy levels, whilst making you aware of what affects these levels. You can also set reminders and leave notes to help you life your life to the fullest.

My PowerBar by Wendy Shooter. Free from Google Play and App store.


Heavenly Heartbeat

Classically trained musician Miriam Jameson began her journey towards wellbeing following a mysterious illness that effectively sidetracked her music career. This collaboration mixes electronic sound vibrations, meditations and evocative visuals specifically designed to affect the seven chakras through the use of binaural tones and frequencies. Running at 77-minutes, the soundtrack will take you on a journey to balance the mind, body and spirit. The download comes with a digital booklet filled with meditative prose and stunning photography.

Miriam’s Heartbeat by Miriam Jameson $11.99 from iTunes


A Beautiful Blend

A wonderful blend of superfoods and superherbs that’s perfect for after yoga practice as it provides a slow release of energy, and focuses on opening the heart and lung merdians. The all-natural ingredients include cacao, lucuma, Inulini, rose, maca and cat’s claw, making it a high alkaline blend that helps to cleanse the body, boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol, promote healthy blood flow and much more. It also contains the endorphin ananadamide which promotes feeling of calm, bliss and focus. Highly recommended.



Get Inspired

Inspiration Space is the combined talents and passions of trained Transformational Breath facilitators Aimee Hartley Rebecca Dennis and Advanced yoga teacher Jess Horn and launches this month. They will be celebrating the launch of the new wellbeing hub for inspiring events, deep healing retreats and stimulating talks with a deep healing and transformative retreat at a private estate in Berkshire. Immerse yourself in daily sessions of Transformational Breathing, yoga, meditation, energising juices, woodland walks and healthy food.  Between Monday 19th October and Wednesday 21st October. Visit for full information.

The Uncook Book

Don’t Cook – Uncook!

A delightful cookbook that contains a wealth of mouth-watering recipes, covering everything from drinks to sauces and sides, and breakfasts to deserts using only raw ingredients. There are also chapters on cooking party food and meals for kids. Tanya also offers expert advice on the best kitchen equipment, and how to stock your pantry alongside meal planning and the best on superfoods and where to shop.

The Uncook Book by Tanya Maher (Hay House) £16.99

OYW colouring cover

Colourful Mindfulness

Colouring books for adults are the new rage, providing the opportunity to practise mindfulness, have fun and get creative. Beautifully illustrated by Medaglia, a Huffington Post blogger and Zen Buddhist practitioner, there are 52 weekly meditations to colour in and release your artistic energies whilst unwinding at the same time. Each meditation comes with inspirational quotes from great thinkers including Ghandi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mark Twain and Albert Einstein. Highly recommended.

One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book by Mike Medaglia (Self Made Hero) £8.99 available from Amazon


Great For Your Gut

Written by an expert naturopath, the book takes a comprehensive look at digestive issues including IBS and abdominal pain, and features evidence based natural treatments for digestive health. It covers an array of health topics including food sensitivities, low-carb diets, natural supplements, stress, and mind-body therapies, and with the personalised five-step plan it’ll help you live a healthier and happier life.

The Digestive Health Solution by Benjamin Brown, ND (Exisle Publishing) £14.95


Hope And Help

This is a wonderful book that takes a sensitive and empathetic approach to disordered eating behaviours such as food addictions and overeating. It provides a comprehensive programme addressing topics such as hope and shifting from shame that’s backed up by a wealth of techniques and step-by-step yoga exercises to build self-empathy and lead the reader on the path to forgiveness and freedom.

Hunger Hope & Healing by Sarahjoy Marsh (Shambhala Publications) £14.99

Available from