(Exhale): Jumping through to Dandasana (Seated pose) from Downward Dog, lie back on the floor with an even spine. Draw your feet up towards your buttocks, placing your heels either side (heels wider apart than your hips). Place your hands on the matt either side of your head, keeping your feet and hands parallel.

The state of the Asana (Inhale): Pushing evenly through the hands and feet, lift the buttocks and shoulders off the floor at the same time. This will help to avoid any concentrated compression on the lower back. Open your heart and relax your head. Make sure your buttocks are relaxed and hold this asana for 5 breaths –maintain focus and inhale and exhale as much as possible.

(Exhale): Lower yourself to the floor, releasing your hands and feet foundations. Vinyasa up to Samasthitih (Standing pose).


• Stretches the front of the body, internally cleanses and helps to encourage the correction of muscular and skeletal imbalances.