Toxic Thursday – The day the UK gives up!


• Thursday 22nd January dubbed ‘Toxic Thursday’ as most Brits give up on their resolutions
• 29 is the age most people stop making resolutions
• More than a quarter of us want to give up checking social media and our mobiles

Experts are dubbing this Thursday (22nd January) ‘Toxic Thursday’ as it’s revealed as the day the nation finally cracks under the pressures of ‘Dry January’ and sticking to their New Year’s resolutions.

The study, commissioned by groundbreaking meditation app Anamaya, to better understand the reasons and motivations behind making self-improvements in the New Year, states that 29, is the age that the majority of Brits have given up making resolutions altogether.

Topping the list of 2015 resolutions was to spend much less time on social media and smartphones – with almost half of people (47%) admitting that they felt social media was taking over their lives. Other more traditional resolutions included ‘quitting takeaways’ (19%), gaming (16%) and amazingly 8% of people were even looking to give up on romance.

However, it appears sticking to these challenges – as well as eating well and avoiding alcohol is a huge challenge with a lack of motivation (30%) and temporarily forgetting (19%) listed as the two main reasons that resolutions simply don’t work.

Interestingly, more than a quarter of people believed it was better to make broader lifestyle changes, rather than committing to specific, and often unrealistic, New Year’s Resolution.

Graham DokeNarrator of Anamaya and meditation expert, Graham Doke, agrees he comments:  “Fads and resolutions can be really challenging to stick to, and you can see why the pressures of keeping to these new ways of life can culminate in a day such as ‘Toxic Thursday’ where everyone appears to simply give up. In fact, it can be really challenging to stick to difficult big life choices like this without the right balance within yourself and the correct mindset. And the correct mindset is not that this is a terrible and daunting thing, but instead the resolution is something that you really want. Big changes come if you really focus on the fact that you want them – training your mind to keep that focus is essential.”

It certainly appears Brits have big problems sticking to their resolutions each year with almost a third of people confirming they had no motivation any more, a fifth simply forgot and worryingly a sixth gave up due to stress. Interestingly, a fifth of people have never even made a resolution.

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