Staff Pose


The primary purpose of Dandasana is to find length through the spine and sometimes this is harder than it looks!

How To Perform

• Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you.
• Place your arms by your side with the fingers facing forwards and elbows bending back slightly.
• Gently draw the flesh of the buttocks back and try to find balance through the four corners of the pelvis.
• Imagine your spine as a ‘staff’ connecting you to the earth and the sky. Gently flex the feet, toes and kneecaps face up, firm the thighs, tone the belly, gently lift the chest and gently lift through the crown of the head.

For a variation, stretch the arms up overhead and hook your thumbs, using the extension of the arms to encourage more length.


• Dandasana is said to be the foundation of all sitting poses so it’s important asana to find good alignment in.
• Improves posture.
• Strengthens the spine and legs.
• Stretches the spine and chest.

Modifications and Contradictions

• If your pelvis begins to tilt back (the lower back rounds) then try sitting on the edge of a block or blanket to help support the pelvis and lower back.
• If your hamstrings are very restricted try bending the knees, the priority is to lengthen the spine.
• If you have lower back issues, bend the knees and sit on a prop. • Avoid if you have a herniated disc.