(Parivrtta Trikonasana)

(Inhale): Jump your feet length ways across the mat with your arms extended.

(Exhale): Turn your body to face the left foot and, keeping your arms wide, drop your back knee (right knee) to the floor. Take your right arm across your left knee, placing your hand on the outside of your left foot (you may need up to 4 blocks).

The state of the Asana
(Inhale): Ensuring a firm foundation through the front foot and hand, look up at your other hand and then straighten your front leg completely. Rotate and extend through the torso, whilst lifting the heart. Hold this asana for 5 breaths- maintain focus and inhale and exhale as much as possible.

(Inhale): Bend your front knee and start to rise up. Keeping your arms straight, come out of the twist standing length ways across the matt.

(Exhale): Jump to back to the front of the matt returning to Samasthitih (Standing posture).


• Purifies the ribs and lower abdomen.
• Dissolves the bad fat around the waist.