• Start in Warrior II with your left leg forward. Do not let your hips drop lower than your front knee. If strength permits, bend your front knee to 90 degrees.

• While anchoring into the outer edge of your back (right) foot and strengthening both legs, begin to lean your torso over your left thigh. Place your left forearm on the thigh, above the knee.

• Extend your right arm straight up. Be sure not to dump into your bottom shoulder. Feel the shoulder blades slide downwards and towards the spine behind your heart. Feel spaciousness on both sides of your neck, and if you feel any neck strain, shift your gaze to the floor.

• As you are in the posture, lengthen your lower back. Engage your lower belly to support your lumbar spine. Aim your tailbone towards your right (back) heel.

• Feel your body aligned in one straight angle. Breathe deeply and smoothly.


• Strengthens thighs, hips and groin.
• Stretches spine, waist, legs and lungs.
• Increases strength and stamina.
• Massages abdominal organs.


• High or low blood pressure, knee injuries, insomnia and neck problems.