We have some wonderful yoga workouts for you this month, including a 15-minute digestive flow yoga sequence to aid digestion and help detox the body; while international yoga teacher Elena Mironov provides a special energised sequence that helps clear the mind and charge the body.

Natalie Wells also returns with her second part on Kundalini yoga, with a special kriya for creativity alongside ideas for connecting to the energy of the week and developing a Sadhana, and we look at how you can enhance your yoga practice with TRX® – a suspension trainer developed by a Navy Seal that works on balance, flexibility, strength and core stability.

This month’s guest teacher Rory Viggers demonstrates three poses for different abilities and a sequence to ground and connect you by moving awareness down into the energy centre and the earth.

We also take a look at how working with the power of attention can help you live a more fulfilling life; how yoga can help with IBS and the importance of a liver cleanse for detoxing.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to meeting up with you in June.