Gate Pose



Kneel with the thighs perpendicular, knees hip-width apart (fold a blanket or mat if padding for the knees is needed). Exhale and extend the right leg out to the right, knee facing the ceiling. Left knee and right heel are in line with each other. Simultaneously extend the arms to the side to shoulder height keeping the chest broad and the floating ribs in check. Extend the sole of the right foot towards the floor. Keep the left knee and hip above/below one another throughout.

Elongate up from the bent knee and foot as you extend the right arm upwards to elongate the right side of the body. Maintaining the right side extension and broadness of chest, with an exhalation bend the trunk sideways towards the right leg. If it’s accessible without dropping the chest to the floor or losing the extension of the right side of the body, the right hand may reach the right shin.

Elevate the left arm upwards to extend the left side, maintain the broadness of the chest. Either stay here or extend the left arm over the ear. Revolve the front of the body up and the left side back, to keep the trunk facing forward.

Go as slow as possible through all stages. Allow the breath to make the physical movements and to fill the left side of the body as well as the right.

Turn the head and look up, stay for 30 seconds breathing evenly. Inhale, come up, bring the right leg to the kneeling position and repeat on the other side.


A preparatory posture for Trikonasana, promotes an awareness to lift the navel and chest.
Tones abdominal muscles and organs.
Can help correct Scoliosis.

Elongates spinal and intercostals muscles. Can aid digestion.


Be careful with any knee, hip and shoulder pain or injury.