Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose



• Stand in Tadasana (Mountain pose) with your feet together, spine upright, open across your chest and relax your shoulders and lift out of the hips.

• Deepen your breath and focus your gaze on a still point ahead of you, this helps you to balance.

• Bring your right knee towards your chest and take hold of your big toe or foot.

• Bring your left hand to your hip and extend your right leg out in front of you.

• Engage your core abdominal muscles, straighten your left knee without locking it and stabilise your joints and posture. Lift up and out of the earth.

• Now open your right arm and foot out to your right side. Stretch your left arm out and breathe.

• Lift up in the posture, open your heart centre, focus your mind on your breath and experience the art of balance. Hold for 3-7 deep breaths. Repeat on your left side.

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