Yoga Magazine's September issue is OUT NOW! Have you got


Yoga Magazine's August issue is OUT NOW! Have you got


BUDDHA U BY VICTOR M PARACHIN An excellent go-to-guide that teaches timeless Buddhist princi- ples, is for all students who wish to enjoy a relatively stress-free,

Base Formula Aromatherapy Harness the power of aromatherapy to keep winter bugs at bay! Essential oils can help in a number of ways - they

[gallery columns="4" ids="12776,12777,12778,12779"] Inspiral Air-Dried Crackits These delicious raw crackers are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients including ax and chia seeds and blended with vegetables and

Revitalise Your Complexion If your skin needs some extra TLC after the sum- mer holidays why not try Base Formula’s Revitalising Overnight Mask to nourish,

Relaxing Massage Oil The summer holidays offer us the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether you’re home or away, why not take time out

 CorkyogisA super stylish and eco-friendly cork yoga mat that has an incredibly powerful grip that increases when wet. It’s also extremely hygienic as the

Radically Simple Yoga: For Now BY DAVID DODD A fascinating book on yoga philosophy, that takes the reader on a journey through the Yoga Sutras and

Getubetter-Lower Back Pain App Sufferers of lower back pain now have the opportunity to manage their own recovery, thanks to getUbetter-lower back pain, an interactive internet

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