Bird of Paradise


Start in Extended Side Angle pose with your right leg forward. Reach your left arm behind your back, and reach your right arm underneath your right thigh to grab your right wrist.
Look down towards your right foot and bring the left foot just behind your right foot.

Place your weight on the left leg as you stand and look straight ahead.
Begin to lift your torso bringing your right leg o the floor keeping the right knee bent.

Keep spreading the toes of the standing leg and keeping the knee straight.
When you feel stable you can then straighten the right leg.
To come out, bend the right leg and bring it back towards the floor to release the pose.

Hold for between 4 – 8 breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Opens the hips.
Strengthens the core and back. Lengthens the hamstrings. Improves focus.


Keep the leg in the air bent.


Injuries related to hip, lower back or the shoulder