November 23rd to December 21st

December begins on an exciting note. There may be a special gift that arrives or a unique opportunity to get involved in an adventurous activity. On the domestic front you nd a lot of pleasurable activities to get involved in. Inspirational moments will be spent at home so be sure to carry out those ideas. The month closes on a splendid note.


December 22nd to January 20th

Be different, be daring and make a change before the year ends. Try something new such as a new haircut or a new style of dressing. December is an excellent month to get together with friends that you have not seen for a long time. Spend time outdoors walking or visit your local parks and nature centres which will en- ergise you. December closes on an auspicious vibe.


January 21st to February 19th

This is a great month to treat you and look back on all the positively good things that happened this year. You will also be encouraged to work with your heart chakra enabling you to strengthen your love ties and relationships. A new business opportunity works well for you and you will also nd a lot of support and encouragement at home.


February 20th to March 20th

December opens on a positive note as you feel the seasonal good vibes. They will encourage you to create some beautiful works of art, prose or craft- work. Inspirational and creative ideas will ow from the third eye chakra – so use them e ectively for your own self-development and for that of those around you. The month ends on a good note.


March 21st to April 20th

December starts on a peaceful note. Be grateful for what you had and look forward to the New Year with a positive vibe. You will be inspired to get involved in charitable activities. This is de nitely the month to give your time to projects where you can make a qualitative di erence to the lives of those less fortu- nate than yourself.


April 21st to May 21st

The month begins on a good note. It is a time for good cheer and being jolly. This should inspire you to make some small changes that will reap many re- wards for you in the weeks to come. You will also feel energised and instilled with a sense of hope for the near future. Your wishes may indeed come true – that is if you concentrate on making them a reality.

On the domestic front you find a lot of pleasurable activities to get involved in.


May 22nd to June 21st

This is a good month to concentrate on your loved ones who deserve of your attention. December is a time of compassion, kindness and sharing. Be pre- pared for some good news – especially in matters to do with career progress or nances. The month closes on an energetic vibe.


June 22nd to July 22nd

December starts on a good note with plenty of ac- tivity going on at home. There will be merriment and joy with new and exciting events to engage in. In love you will be especially lucky as there will be a rm commitment and reciprocation of emotional feelings from your partner. This is a great month for inspirational and creative ideas.


July 23rd to August 22nd

You’ll be inspired to move con dently into a new job, a new home or a new career move. December is an excellent time to unwind and participate in activities that make you happy. You will be busy on social oc- casions and related activities, and there will also be some great opportunities for networking.


August 23rd to September 23rd

The month starts on a positive vibe. You will have plenty of deadlines to meet as well as activities to participate in. Be sure to keep your energy levels up by practising both physical and breathing exercises. This month you should treat yourself to a pampering session. Book into a spa, or better still, invite a few friends and create your own spa experience at home.


September 24th to October 23rd

December is a time for companionship, friendship and quiet re ection. You can con dently look for- ward to the New Year and a splendid end to 2016. Energise your environment with aromatherapy and gem therapy. Enjoy living and be grateful for all the comforts that you enjoy and expect more in the coming year.


October 24th to November 22nd

The month starts on a positive note. Both spiritual and literal journeys are highlighted. There are new opportunities to get involved in activities that are pleasing to your heart. Abundance is emphasised in your house in all areas of your life. Look forward to the New Year and a joyous end to the year.