This month Natalie Wells shows us how to incorporate a Kundalini practice into your week for radical transformation. In this two-part feature, Natalie provides expert advice on developing a daily spiritual practice to go deeper into your yoga practice, before providing a Kunadlini workout for the week in next month’s issue.

With springtime nally with us, we have a wonderful spring yoga detox workout to help reduce aches and pains, energise the spine, clear the head and improve digestion; and we also fea- ture some simple and fun breathing exercises to practise with your children.

Our guest teacher, Jess Horn, guides us through Dandasana (Sta pose), Gomukasana (Cow Face pose) and Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Compass pose), before demonstrating a delightful Cleans- ing Twisting Sequence to help ush out the system and clear the mind and body.

We also catch up with mantra artist Simrit Kaur ahead of her European tour; we take a look at yoga for hay fever and there is £100 worth of underwear to be won.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and  look forward to meeting up with you next month.